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How to use behavioural science to embed a digital learning culture

As organisations move away from the traditional office based 9-5 working patterns, shouldn’t learning habits follow suit?

We think so.

More than just keeping pace with the new work-from-home culture that many organisations are adopting, a digital learning culture makes good business sense – it’s cost-effective, accessible and scalable.

And it’s not just better for businesses – blended learning is often more effective for employees, too.

Did you know that:

According to a survey by Merrill Lynch, more than 75% of learners find convenience, time savings, and lack of distraction as primary benefits of blended and e-learning.

Some of the other benefits that come along with e-learning are learning at your own pace (64%) and being in comfortable surroundings (54%).

Another research report suggests that 72% of learners reported career benefits among learners who complete online courses, and 61% reported educational benefits.

94% of learners in the LinkedIn Learning Report stated that they see career benefits after taking more time to learn online.

In this 1 hour webinar, behavioural scientists Shelley Hoppe and Dr Lee Rowland give an overview of a case study they have worked on and use it to show you how you could use behavioural science to create, develop and maintain the right kind of digital learning culture for your organisation.

The webinar covers:

  • An overview of a case study we are working on
  • How to communicate the value of your learning programmes within the context of your organisation’s purpose and goals
  • How to unlock learners’ desire to engage with and complete your learning programmes
  • How to help build engagement by making learning relevant and applicable to daily work
  • How to leave learners with positive feelings about the learning process

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