We’re a
behavioural communications

Which sounds great!

But from your point of view, what does us being a behavioural communications agency actually mean? TTcuriosity

Let us explain…

We use strategies to focus on your goals.

We use our journalistic backgrounds to understand the outcomes you care about, and design a strategy to help you hit them.

We use storytelling to engage.

We weave stories through all of our work to grab people’s attention, and hold it – using graphic design that breathes life into the words.

We use behavioural science to inspire action.

Our team’s MScs in behavioural science TTauthority mean we know how contexts can inspire people’s behaviour. We inject that knowledge into the work we do for our clients.

We use communications to make action stick.

We make sure behaviours aren’t just a flash in the pan. TTmetaphorical We use blended learning, change programmes, and comms campaigns to keep people inspired, long-term.

We are Spoon Behavioural Communications.

Shelley Hoppe

Agency Director, Behavioural Scientist

Karen Brennan

Finance Director

Anna Barling

Creative Director

Jessica Baxter

Account Director

Harriet Kerr

Strategy Director

Alice Lloyd-Evans

Senior Account Manager

Ben Hargreaves


Charlotte Critchlow

Team Assistant & Office Manager

Hayley Barrow

Hayley Barrow

Account Manager

Paul Monaghan

Paul Monaghan

Animator & Video Editor

Lauren Romano

Content Director

Sarah Chivers

Senior Designer Consultant

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