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    We could have tried to change attitudes first, but the benefit of working with behaviour is that behaviour can be observed, guided and measured. The big opportunity now is to go further with behaviour change, turning more of this abstract theory into greater lifesaving practice.

    Peer Christian AndersenHead of HSE at Skanska

    The SBC team produced a comprehensive campaign for us, including informative and striking guidance products which have received much positive feedback. The team were very flexible and receptive to our comments throughout the process, and ensured we received the highest quality products which fully met our original needs. We really appreciate the team’s hard work and effort.

    Our clientUK Government Agency

    Thank you for the exceptional creativity and support on this project. You exceeded my every expectation. The work you have done is appreciated by the entire US Pharma and Medical teams and I am expecting great feedback from our employees at the annual review.

    Employee in ComplianceEthics & risk management department

    I finally had an insight into what the real Shell is like. The values, culture, and how vibrant workers are was so much clearer.

    Shell Candidate