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E-learning Induction Programmes

Easy, efficient and fun

E-learning inductions

Easy, efficient and fun TTpriming

How do you train new starters in a remote work set-up?

In a world of hybrid working, onboarding new staff in the traditional way can be a more complicated and lengthy process. E-learning inductions deliver all of the same information in an easy-to-digest (and fun) format, giving new starters the flexibility to onboard at their own pace, while freeing up the rest of the team to continue with business as usual.

How we approach it


We make sure we fully understand your goals and what you want new starters to gain from their onboarding experience.



Once we understand your objectives, we draft a creative concept, technical and behavioural approach, defining a set of deliverables.



Next, we gather the relevant information in order to create a thorough induction, including any additional resources that may be required to support the onboarding experience.



We then map out and draft the UX of the learner journey and apply the agreed creative look and feel ready for sign-off.



Next, we build and test the onboarding, delivering the final product for you to roll out to teams across the company.


Inside the insights:
How we make e-learning effective

The Generation Effect

We remember information we work out for ourselves far better than information told to us.


Attributing points, levels, and rewards to motivate people to do tasks you’d like to encourage.

Storyteller Bias

We remember and believe information given to us as stories, especially when they involve conflict but end on an emotional high.

Social Proof

When we’re unsure about something (like using data at work), we tend to follow what other people do.

Authority Bias

We tend to agree with those we respect, like high-ranking people in our businesses, and industry leaders.

Feedback Loops

Finding out the consequences of our actions immediately helps steer our decision-making.

Fluency Effects

We find information that’s simpler and easier to understand more believable.

The Peak-End Rule

We remember the best moments of our experiences, and how they end.

The Humour Effect

We’re more motivated by and remember experiences that make us laugh.

Why bespoke inductions are a smart choice

With businesses around the world embracing a hybrid working model, e-learning has gone through a revolution with everyone from SMEs to big corporates discovering the benefits.

Taking your onboarding online allows you to train staff across multiple locations, investing in bespoke online induction programmes is not only innovative, but it gives your new employees the best start.

“Starting a new job can feel a bit daunting because of the unknown, but having completed SBC’s online induction all my worries were put to rest. I felt excited to get going in my role now that I had a thorough understanding about the company and its values, what to expect and the expectations of me as part of the team. Also being able to answer questions along the way and having a chance to reflect on the information really helped me get the most out of it and meant I was fully engaged throughout.””

Alice MayAccount Manager

“Inductions are usually more of an inundation with things to read – eBooks, guides, explainers etc. – all adding up to a lot to wade through (and I say that as a writer!) But here there were interactive quizzes, webinars and videos to really break up the process. And the progress bar meant it felt like you were making, well, progress.”

Craig BeedleEditor

“I found the online induction super helpful as it gave a great overview of the company, values and ethos. The downloadables were very handy and the overview of the platforms we use made it easier for me to find things. Often times when I’ve started previous jobs, I’ve just been thrown in without much background information, and particularly when starting remotely, I felt like the transition has been a lot smoother.”

Janine InfurnariSenior Designer
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