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Welcome to the BEHAVES Academy

Why – and how to – learn behavioural science for business

Behavioural science is changing the world.

From encouraging healthy eating to keeping us scrolling online, lessons about how to influence human behaviour can have impactful implications for individuals and organisations alike. 

The problem is this: behavioural science is a huge topic. With decades of research offering thousands of insights – some similar, many overlapping, a few even competing – how do you begin to understand it all? And how do you apply it in a way that’s meaningful to your business?  

And there’s a second problem for business use, too: how do you upskill your team to use behavioural science at scale? There is little point in teaching it to people in small silos. After all, it will be more powerful when the whole team is empowered to use it.  

We couldn’t find any training courses that seemed to offer a practical starting point to solve these two problems for a business audience. 

So, we decided to build it!

What your team will learn in BEHAVES

BEHAVES is a foundational e-learning course focusing on the application of Behavioural Science in business. It can also be rolled out at scale to everyone at once. The course teaches the following six modules: 

  • Module 01. A brief introduction to behavioural science and BEHAVES
  • Module 02. The 7 Insights Toolkit categories – and your first 7 insights
  • Module 03. 7 more behavioural insights for your toolkit
  • Module 04. The BEHAVES framework and process
  • Module 05. Applying BEHAVES and using your Insights Toolkit to solve a problem
  • Module 06. A recap of what you have learned

Learners will also get a copy of our BEHAVES Handbook, which contains more detailed information about all of the cited research and references we use in the courseand links to more resources too.

Whether you’re in the finance world, tech industry or pharmaceuticals, BEHAVES can help you solve some of your organisational challenges. Want to put behavioural insights to the test? Good news – you and your team can complete the first two modules free of charge to see what you think.


If you have a question, you might want to start by having a look out our FAQs below, but you can of course also always contact us

Who is BEHAVES aimed at?

How did you create the 7 categories?

How did you choose the first 14 insights to teach?

How did you create the BEHAVES process?

How is BEHAVES different from other models out there?

Are you concerned about ethics?

What is the total seat time for the BEHAVES foundational e-learning course?

Can any of the modules or examples used be tailored to our organisation or industry?

Do you ever run face to face or “live” BEHAVES training?

Do learners need to complete BEHAVES within a certain timeframe?

How do my team get started with BEHAVES?

How much does BEHAVES cost?

Is there a certificate for completing the course?

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