Join us for a one-day applied behavioural science workshop.

You’re already using behavioural science intuitively, because it works. Start using it intentionally, because you can.

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    Spoon is proud to be an accredited Coglode partner, and this workshop, the NuggetsTM and the DO-IT framework are all part of the Coglode ecosystem.

    Get the tools and the knowledge to start applying behavioural insights in just one day.

    • Discover what behavioural science is and how effective it can be for your business.
    • Learn 36 of the most powerful behavioural insights.
    • Practise applying those behavioural insights creatively, to improve real-life situations.
    • Master a behavioural science framework you can easily apply to your own work.
    • Learn how to use behavioural science ethically and artfully.
    • Hear how other organisations are applying behavioural insights to achieve big results at low cost.
    • Walk away with a shared language and a set of tools and techniques that you and your colleagues can apply together as soon as you get back to your desks.

    The nuts and bolts


    Two half-day workshops

    Group size

    10-12 people


    £545 per person

    You’ll get:

    A free box of Coglode’s NuggetsTM

    (worth £395!)

    Your library of 36 super-practical behavioural insights.

    The DO-IT

    The new methodology for applying behavioural insights like the experts.

    Best for teams like

    Learning and development

    Some of the world’s smartest people have already taken part

    Our NPS (Net Promoter Score) = 64

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    Check out what other people have said:

    I loved the nugget cards, informal atmosphere and everyone participated, made it fun and easy to learn and apply tools and insights. Fun examples to work through and get to know my colleagues better by seeing their ideas in action and seeing their thought process and building on that.

    MonikaWorld Bank

    Great balance of theory and exercises, well planned and facilitated. 10/10.

    SebastienLegal and General

    Excellent facilitators presenting extremely practical, relevant and valuable methods!


    Remote training isn't easy but this session nailed it. Good trainers, building a rapport with us and between the group, and keeping our attention. Well paced and clearly applied the principles we were being taught to the training itself to keep engagement up.


    This workshop took my amateur interest in behavioural science and through reflection, practice and discussion gave me the confidence to incorporate it into my work and gain experience in the field.

    LouisaNewton Europe

    The design of the session was great and trainers were super cheerful and with a lot of experience, it was super interactive and loved the balance between theory-practise. Using Miro as a shared workspace was also a success.

    LauraTeam CMP

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